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Lots of people require a minor eyesight enhancement, due to all of the display screens we look at and the reading of fine print that they require. Contact lenses aren’t just an effective way to make improvements to and strengthen your eyesight, but in addition they make a fantastic fashion accessory. For those people who prefer to put on contact lenses as an alternative to eyeglasses, clear contact lenses are the most effective route to take. However, individuals that would like to produce a significant difference in his or her physical appearance can trust in colored contacts for the task. Several color contact lenses are available without having eyesight improving qualities; they can be manufactured only for the design and style factor, so that absolutely any person can make use of them.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to talk about various recommendations for people interested in wearing colored contacts, and who would like to discover what he or she might look like while wearing some lenses that produce a different eye color than one’s natural color. Much the same as when one selects eyeglasses or clothing, an individual can select his or her colored contact lenses in accordance with elements of one’s natural appearance, such as one’s hair color and skin tone.

How To Select The Best Colored Contact Lenses For Your Skin Tone

Below are some guidelines you can easily follow in order to pick the best colored contact lenses that will match well with your unique skin tone and color. What follows are a number of ideas which can help you determine the best colors. If you wish to go along with them, you will need to know what kind of skin tone you naturally possess.

In order to figure out exactly what kind of skin tone you have, there are a few tips you can follow. The most advisable technique is usually to place a gold encrusted jewel or piece of gold fabric next to one’s skin, and then a silver colored one and try to decide which color looks better. If the gold piece flattens your particular skin tone, then you most likely possess a warm type of tone, and if the silver one flattens your skin tone, then you almost certainly have a cool colored skin tone. However, using this little test can still make it somewhat difficult to reliably determine your skin tone.

In addition, you should take a look at your veins. If they appear blue, then you probably have a “cool” skin tone. But if they look green, and/or you have yellow colored undertones, then you are in possession of a warm skin tone.

Warm skin tones have a tendency to contain a gold or apricot-like colored undertone. People that have this kind of skin tone generally have a head of hair with hints of red, yellow, orange and/or gold. Their natural eye colors are inclined to be hazel, dark brown, green or amber.

The most commonly encountered kinds of skin color that people have are the cool skin tones. Cool skin toned people have a rosy or pink. These people have hair that quite often consists of silver, blue, blueish-violet, drab or ash undertones. Their natural eye color is usually a blue green, light blue, turquoise, grayish-green, grayish-blue, black or light brown.

So Which Colored Contact Should You Choose?

For someone who has a warmer skin tone (which means that he or she has a gold or yellow skin undertone), the colored contacts that invariably will look the best will be the lenses that incorporate attributes of colors like green, hazel, honey and/or light brown.

And for those individuals that have a cool skin tone (which translates to a blue skin undertone), he or she should probably purchase “cool” colored contacts like violet, ice blue or a plum-like color.